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Connector Management Options

If you right-click on a connector in a diagram, one of two connector context menus can display. This provides quick access to some important functions.




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Context Menu

The menu is split into up to seven distinct sections:

  • Extensions - displays in the first section only if you have Add-Ins installed and registered
  • Properties, including Advanced features
  • Type Specific
  • Style and Appearance
  • Position
  • UML Help - Displays the Enterprise Architect Help topic for this connector type
  • Delete - delete the connector with this option
Connector Type-Specific Options Connector Style Options Manage Connector Properties Connector Appearance Options Advanced Connector Management Options

Connector Role Context Menu

For connectors with Roles, right-clicking a connector within 60 pixels of an end point displays a role-specific context menu that offers three additional menu options:

  • 'Source/Target Role...' - opens the connector specification dialog with the respective role page selected
  • 'Multiplicity' - opens a submenu through which you can set the multiplicity for the role
  • 'Link to Element Feature' - displays a dialog through which you can attach the end of the connector to a specific attribute or operation
Source Role Connect To Element Feature


  • Context menus vary slightly between connector types, and not all menu options are present on all connector context menus; the type-specific menu options are not always included