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Create Stereotype Profiles

When you are creating a Profile to define a new modeling solution, you initially create a Package with the «profile» stereotype. You then consider the number of model elements (and hence Stereotype elements) you will need to create. If you are going to create:

  • A small number of Stereotype elements, you can manage them on a single child diagram within the Profile Package, and save the diagram as the Profile
  • A large number of Stereotype elements, create them on as many child diagrams as are convenient (one Stereotype per diagram if you prefer) and save the Package as the Profile

Every Stereotype element extends at least one Metaclass element. The Stereotype elements use the Profile name as their namespace. When you have created your Profile, you can incorporate it into an MDG Technology.

The process of creating a Profile and applying it to your models comprises a number of steps. Some of these steps are necessary only if you want the Profile to apply a specific meaning, display, appearance or syntax to a type of model element.

Create a Profile



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Create a Profile Package in a technology development model.

Create a Profile Package


Add Stereotype and Metaclass elements to the child diagram(s) of the Profile Package.

Add Stereotypes and Metaclasses


Define Tagged Values for the Stereotype elements.

Define Stereotype Tagged Values


Define constraints for the Stereotype elements.

Define Stereotype Constraints


Add an Enumeration element to define a drop-down list of values for a Tagged Value on the Stereotype element.

Add An Enumeration to a Stereotype


Add Shape Scripts for the Stereotype elements.

Add Shape Scripts


Set the default appearance for each stereotyped model element.

Set Default Appearance


Include Quick Linker definitions in the Profile.

Add Quick Linker Definition To Profile


Save either the Package or the diagram as the Profile, and export it.

Export Profile Save Profile Options


Incorporate the Profile into an MDG Technology and deploy the technology.

Add a Profile Deploy An MDG Technology Create MDG Technologies


  • A Profile Package can contain several diagrams and many elements and connectors, but no other Packages; do not use nested Packages in a Profile
  • If you are creating a Profile to form part of an MDG Technology', note that you define the special Toolbox pages and diagrams for the Technology in separate Profiles

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