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The 'Analyze' panel brings together a collection of powerful tools for analyzing the execution of an application. The tools available are a fully featured Debugger, an execution Profiler and a stack trace Recorder. There are also facilities for running the application and recording Test Point output, for subsequent analysis. The active Analyzer Script will determine the behavior of these tools, by specifying the commands that are executed as well as the settings and parameters for those commands.


The 'Windows' panel provides access to a suite of windows associated with the debugging process, each of which provides information on an aspect of the application being debugged, particularly at a breakpoint.

Using the Windows Panel


The 'Run' panel provides a set of buttons for building and running an application that is being analyzed. After making modifications to the code base, you can simply click on 'Build', then click on buttons to begin execution of the updated application, pausing or stepping through code as required.