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Simulate Ribbon

The 'Simulate' ribbon presents a range of tools for configuring, building and running simulations.

Simulations based on Behavioural Models as well of simulations based on Executable StateMachines are both catered for, with the ability to start, pause and resume execution of a simulation, as well as setting break points and viewing call stacks or local variables. A number of pre-defined model searches are also provided to assist with locating model artifacts related to your simulations.




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Dynamic Simulation

The 'Dynamic Simulation' panel brings together a range of tools for working with Behavioral Model simulations. It provides access to a range of windows that allow you to control a simulation, set up simulation triggers and signals, set breakpoints, inspect local variables or view the Call Stack. It also offers a number of pre-defined model searches for retrieving recently modified state machines and activity graphs.

Using the Dynamic Simulation Panel

Compiled Simulation

Executable StateMachines provide a powerful means of rapidly generating, executing and simulating complex state models. In contrast to dynamic simulation of State Charts using Enterprise Architect's Simulation engine, Executable StateMachines provide a complete language-specific implementation that can form the behavioral 'engine' for multiple software products on multiple platforms.

The 'Compiled Simulation' panel provides a number of facilities for working with Executable StateMachines. You can access facilities to configure Analyzer Scripts that determine how code is generated, compiled and executed for the Executable StateMachine. There are commands for you to generate, build and execute the code that runs the simulation, as well as a facility to view the generated code in the built-in code editor.

Using the Compiled Simulation Panel


The 'BPSim' panel provides facilities to manage and run BPMN simulation models, based on the BPSim standard.

Using the BPSim Panel


The 'SysMLSim' panel provides access to the 'Configure SysML Simulation' view where you can configure and manage SysML based simulations, as well as access a pre-defined search to retrieve SysML configuration artifacts.

Using the SysMLSim Panel


The 'Run' panel provides a number of buttons to control execution of the active simulation, such as Start, Pause, Step-in, Step-over, Step-out and Stop.

Using the Run Panel

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