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Using the Tools Panel

The Tools panel provides four very significant model development facilities that streamline the construction or generation of domain-specific or platform-specific models, and help you monitor change over development stages.

Available Facilities



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Database Builder

Click on this icon to add, edit and manage database models for a wide range of DBMS products, using the Database Builder view.

The Database Builder

Schema Composer

Click on the drop-down arrow to display options for creating and managing custom profiles for the generation of industry-specific XSD files.

  • Open Schema Composer - display the Schema Composer view, which you use to create Schema profiles and generate XSD files from them
  • Import for Schema Composer - import a Schema Composer profile from an external file, using the 'Schema Importer' dialog
  • Help - display the Help topic on the Schema Composer
Schema Importer The Schema Composer


Click on this icon to display options for managing successive versions of a Package through development, by storing one or more Baselines to compare with the current Package in the model.

  • Manage Baselines - create and manage Baselines for the currently-selected Package, using the 'Baselines' dialog
  • Find Baselines - find and list Packages in the model that have Baselines
  • Help - display the Help topic on Package Baselines and the Baseline facilities
Package Baselines Manage Baselines


Click on the drop-down arrow to display options for applying Transformation Templates in building physical models from more abstract content.

  • Transform Selection - define and perform one or more transformations on selected elements to generate new model content, using the 'Model Transformation' dialog
  • Transform Templates - edit and configure the templates used to perform transformations, in the Transformation Editor view
  • Help - display the main Help topic on Model Transformation
Model Transformation Edit Transformation Templates Transform Elements

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