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Using the Project Panel

The 'Project' panel provides facilities for obtaining an overview of the project status, and tools for collaborating with other modelers and team members. Enterprise Architect is a powerful collaboration platform and allows any number of people to work on models and diagrams at the same time. The collaboration tools facilitate conversations, discussions, reviews and more, and make working on a model a cooperative and team effort. The tools ensure that communication about the elements, diagrams, lists and matrices are available in the model and links can be created back to these items from the collaboration tools.

Available Facilities



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Click on this icon to access options for reviewing the project-level tasks and issues currently recorded, and to generate a series of reports on the project management items.

  • Project Status (Tasks & Issues) - access the Project Status view, which has three tabs documenting tasks and issues that relate directly to the current project, and the statistics of the project
  • QA Reports and Use Case Metrics - to run a number of system-provided status reports, and to calculate Use Case metrics for a model
The Project Status View Use Case Estimation System Documents


Click on this icon to display a short menu of options for initiating or participating in open discussions on a specific element or opening the Project Mail facility to send emails to specific team members on any item of interest.

  • Discussion review - display the Discussion Review window on which all recent discussions are listed; you can select and open any discussion to read and/or add to it
  • Discuss Element - display the Discussions panel on which you create a new discussion or add to an existing discussion on the currently-selected element
  • Recent Discussions - display the 'Find in Project' view, defaulted to a specific search for recently discussed elements
  • Model Mail - send, receive and respond to emails within the project team, under your User Security ID, either as an individual user or as a member of a group that has a shared mail inbox
Model Mail Element Discussions

Team Review

Click on this icon to open the Team Review forum, which you use to review and add to a hierarchically-structured repository of comments, reports, reviews and documents on any structure, feature or aspect of the project or of other, related projects.

Team Review

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