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Using the Tools Panel

The 'Tools' panel provides facilities for working with various kinds of schemas. The powerful Database Builder is accessed from this panel, as well as facilities for importing existing database schemas from a wide range of supported database products, generating DDL scripts from your database model and also managing and editing the templates used in generating those DDL scripts.

Facilities for importing both XSD and WSDL files, and for generating XSD and WSDL files from your model are accessed from this panel.

Also accessed from this panel is the model Scripting window, which provides the means to manage, create and edit automation scripts to work with your model.

Available Facilities



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Click on this icon to display the Scripting window, where you can add, edit and manage model based scripts in Javascript, JScript and VB.Net.


Data Models

Click on this icon to display a short menu providing access to tools used for designing, importing and creating data models.

  • Database Builder - display the Database Builder view, where you can add, edit and manage database models, targeting a wide range of supported DBMS products
  • DB Schema Import - display the 'Import DB Schema' dialog, where you can specify a database schema to import, from a target DBMS
  • DDL Export - display the 'Generate DDL' dialog, from which you can export the current model selection as DDL script, targeting a particular DBMS
  • Edit DDL Templates - display the 'DDL Template Editor', where you can edit the templates used to create DDL scripts for each DBMS
Edit DDL Templates Generate DDL Import Database Schema The Database Builder


The XSD (XML Schema) icon provides access to a collection of tools for importing, exporting and viewing both XSD files and WSDL files. Also available is an XSLT debugger tool.

  • Open XML/XSD File - choose a file to be opened in the code editor window
  • Import XSD - display the 'Import XML Schema' dialog for importing an XSD file to a model Package; choose a file to import and specify a range of options to apply when importing the file
  • Export XSD - display the 'Generate XML Schema' dialog for generating the current Package to an XSD file; specify a path for the export file and specify a range of options to apply when exporting the Package
  • Import WSDL - display the 'Import WSDL' dialog, where you can choose a file to import into the selected Package
  • Export WSDL - generate either a «WSDLnamespace» stereotyped Package or a «WSDL» stereotyped Component (Document) to WSDL files
  • XSLT Debugger - display the XSLT Debugger window
Import WSDL Generate WSDL Import XSD Generate XSD Debug an XSL Transformation

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