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Using the User Tools Panel

The User Tools panel provides access to external tools. A pre-defined list of tools includes MS Paint, Windows Explorer, ODBC Data Sources and System Information. You can extend this list with any other tools of your choice.

Available Facilities

Which User Tools appear in the list depends on what has been configured by the user.

For example, you might add 'WINE Console' for the purpose of setting up Subversion clients for Enterprise Architect under WINE.



See also

MS Paint

Launches 'MS Paint', a simple but useful drawing tool.

ODBC Data Sources

Launches 'ODBC Data Sources', from which you can set up ODBC drivers for various DBMS, thereby enabling Enterprise Architect to connect to repositories hosted in that DBMS.

System Information

Displays System Information pertaining to your personal computer.

Windows Explorer

Launches 'Windows Explorer'.

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