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System Requirements

Using the Profiler, you can analyze applications built for these platforms:

  • Microsoft TM Native (C++, C, Visual basic)
  • Microsoft .NET (supporting a mix of managed and unmanaged code)
  • Java

Microsoft Native applications

For C, C++ or Visual Basic applications, the Profiler requires that the applications are compiled with the Microsoft TM Native compiler and that for each or module of interest, a PDB file is available. The Profiler can sample both debug and release configurations of an application, provided that the PDB file for each executable exists and is up to date.

Microsoft .NET applications

For Microsoft .NET applications, the Profiler requires that the appropriate Microsoft .NET framework is installed, and that for each application or module to be analyzed, a PDB file is available.


For Java, the Profiler requires that the appropriate JDK from Oracle is installed.

The classes of interest should also have been compiled with debug information. For example: "java -g *.java"

  • New instance of application VM is launched from Enterprise Architect - no other action is required
  • Existing application VM is attached to from within Enterprise Architect - the target Java Virtual Machine needs to have been launched with the Enterprise Architect profiling agent

Examples of command lines to create a Java VM with a specific JVMTI agent are:

  1. java.exe -cp "%classpath%;.\" -agentpath:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\EA\vea\x86\ssamplerlib32" myapp
  2. java.exe -cp "%classpath%;.\" -agentpath:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\EA\vea\x64\ssamplerlib64" myapp

(Refer to the JDK documentation for details of the -agentpath VM startup option.)

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