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Element Execution Analyzer Submenu

The element 'Execution Analyzer' submenu provides a short list of options for preparing an element for execution analysis. This submenu is available for Classes on which you can perform Execution Analysis; it is not shown if the Class is not set up for Execution Analysis.


Context Menu

Project Browser | Right-click on Package | Execution Analyzer




See also

Create Workbench Instance of Class

Select this option to create an object workbench instance for a Class on which you intend to create objects in Execution Analysis.

Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+J

Object Workbench Creating Objects

Markup Current Process for Class

Select this option while debugging an active process, to display the Breakpoints and Markers window showing the breakpoint bindings for the Class operations.

Markup Class for Recording

Select this option to create a marker set of record markers to record all operations of a Class or a subset.

Recording Activity For a Class