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The Add-In Manager

If you want to check what Add-Ins are available on your system, and enable or disable them for use, you can review the 'Add-In Manager' dialog. This dialog lists the Add-Ins that have been registered on your system, and their current status (Enabled or Disabled).



Extend > Configure > Manage Add-Ins

Enable/disable Add-Ins



Enable an Add-In

To enable an Add-In so that it is available for use, select the 'Load on Startup' check box to the left of the name.

Click on the OK button.

  • Any Add-In specific features, facilities and Help are made available through the 'Extensions | <add-in name>' context menu option
  • Any defined Add-In windows are populated with information; select 'Extend > Configure > Add-In Windows'

Disable an Add-In

To disable an Add-In so that it is not available for use, clear the 'Load on Startup' check box against the name.

Click on the OK button.

All menu options, features and facilities specific to the Add-In are hidden and made inactive.


  • When you enable or disable an Add-In, you must re-start Enterprise Architect to action the change

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