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Upgrade an Existing License

As you work with Enterprise Architect you might become aware of additional features contained in other editions, which you could use on your projects. Fortunately, it is easy to upgrade the edition you are using to a more powerful or specific edition. For example, you might have been working alone creating a private model using the Professional edition, and then at some point the project expands and a team of people need to contribute to and update the models, and the Project Manager decides to use security to encourage collaboration between the users. This would require an upgrade to the Corporate version, which contains the role-based security features.

It is a cost effective and easy procedure to upgrade to another edition, but a new license key must be added to the product to make the upgrade effective. This should not be confused with license renewal, which is an extension of the license for the same edition of Enterprise Architect and does not require a new key to be entered.

There are six editions of Enterprise Architect; from simplest to most powerful, these are:

  • Desktop
  • Professional
  • Corporate
  • Business and Software Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Ultimate

The Enterprise Architect installer provides the facilities of every edition; your registration key gives you access to the facilities of the edition you have purchased.

If you have purchased a less powerful edition, such as Professional or Desktop, you can subsequently upgrade your license to a more powerful edition by purchasing a special upgrade key from Sparx Systems. Once you have received this key, use the procedure described here to gain access to the additional features.

This procedure is mainly applicable to users with private keys; if you are an end-user with a shared key, you would simply be allocated the relevant key next time you requested one. If, however, you want to upgrade while using a shared key on a long lease, you would simply click on the Release Key button and then the Add Key button on the 'License Management' dialog.



Start > Help > Help > Register and Manage Your License Key(s) > License Management : Add Key

Upgrade from one license edition to another



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Make sure you have a valid upgrade key purchased from Sparx Systems; you typically receive this in an email or PDF format.


On the 'Add Registration Key' dialog, in the 'Name' and 'Company' fields, type your name and company name.

License Management


Copy the key you received for the upgraded edition of Enterprise Architect - including the { and } bracket characters - from the email.


Paste the key into the 'Copy registration key' field.


Click on the OK button.

Enterprise Architect displays the message:

Registration succeeded – Thank you for purchasing Enterprise Architect xxxx Edition


Click on the OK button, and then on the Close button to continue working in Enterprise Architect.


Select the 'Start > Help > Help > About EA' menu option.

Copy the registration key shown and store it somewhere safe; this is a key to the full license of the edition you have upgraded to.

If you ever have to reinstall Enterprise Architect, you can register it with this key, so you won't have to go through the upgrade process again.


  • The Lite edition and the Trial version cannot be registered or upgraded; if you have used either of these versions and then purchased Enterprise Architect, you must download the registered version from:
    Then you can enter your registration key

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