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Compare Projects

A number of operations can make changes to your project that you either want to monitor carefully or not have at all. Such events include:

  • Recovering from a database crash
  • Restoring a backup
  • Performing a Project Data Transfer
  • Importing from XMI, and
  • Deleting model elements

You might have made a copy of the original project or the purpose of the operation is to generate a copy, in which case you can compare the size and row counts of the 'before' and 'after' copies as a convenient 'sanity check'. The copies can be on different platforms; you have options to:

  • Compare a project file to another project file
  • Compare a project file to a DBMS-based repository
  • Compare two DBMS repositories

The comparison examines the number of project rows in each database, producing a report indicating the total records in each and the difference in record count between the two. If discrepancies are found, you must investigate further manually. The comparison does not examine the actual data in the tables.



Configure > Model > Check Integrity > Project Compare

Compare two projects



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On the 'Project Compare' dialog, select the radio button for the database types of the two projects you want to compare:

  • File to File
  • DBMS to File
  • File to DBMS
  • DBMS to DBMS


In the 'Source Project' and 'Target Project' fields, type the name or connection string for the source and target projects to compare.


Click on the Compare Projects button.

The results of the comparison display in the panel at the bottom of the dialog.


If you want to print the results of the comparison, click on the Print List button.