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Add a Package

Adding a Package to a model is a simple but versatile process. It is possible to add a new Package to a View, Model Package or lower-level Package. In the process you can automatically:

  • Create a Package using a specific Model Pattern
  • Create a child diagram for the Package
  • Add the new Package to the version control system that its parent object is under



Design > Package > New

Context Menu

Project Browser | Right-click on Package | Add a Package

Keyboard Shortcuts



Project Browser caption bar menu | New Package

Add a Package to the model hierarchy



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Displays the name of the currently-selected Package or View, to which you are adding the new Package.

If this is not the required owner Package, click on the button and select the correct Package.


Defaults to the automatic name, either 'Package n' or, if you have an autonaming scheme turned on, the defined name. If necessary, overtype this name with the preferred name of the new Package.

Select and Apply Model Pattern

Select this radio button to create the new Package from a Model Pattern.

Create diagram

Select this radio button if you want to immediately create a child diagram for the Package.

Package Only

Select this radio button if you want to just create a Package.

Add to Version Control

(Available if you are adding this Package to a parent object that is under version control.) Select this checkbox to add the new Package to the same version control system, deselect the checkbox to exclude the Package from version control.


Click on this button to create the Package in the Project Browser.

If you selected the 'Select and Apply Model Pattern' radio button, the Model Wizard screen displays. Select the appropriate Technology and select the checkbox against the Model Pattern (in the 'Name' panel) to import.

If you selected the 'Create diagram' radio button, the 'New Diagram' dialog displays. Provide a name for the diagram and select the Technology and type.

The new Package is inserted into the Project Browser under the selected parent Package or View.

New Diagrams Model Wizard


Click on this button to abort the changes you have made and close the dialog.


  • You can also add a new Package element by dragging the Package icon from the Toolbox into a diagram; in this case the Package is created under the diagram's owning Package
  • In a multi-user environment, other users do not see the change until they reload their project

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