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Insert Hyperlinks

Within a document, you can insert hyperlinks to display material held outside the document, such as external documents, Help topics or web pages.



Document-Edit > Edit > Insert > Hyperlink

Insert hyperlinks

To insert a hyperlink, right-click on the point in the text at which to create it and select the option 'Document-Edit > Edit > Insert > Hyperlink'; the 'Insert Hyperlink' dialog displays.

In the 'Link Text' field, type the text to be hyperlinked and, in the 'Link Code' field, type or paste the:

  • Web page URL
  • Help topic file name or
  • External file path and name

To capture the Help topic file name and path, right-click on the displayed topic and copy the file name and path from the address field at the top of the screen.

Click on the OK button; the hyperlinked text displays in the document. Edit the sentence to accommodate the link text.

To display the web page, Help page or external document:

  • Linked in a document, double-click on the link
  • Linked in a report template, compile the report and click on the hyperlink in the report

In a Team Review document, you can also insert hyperlinks to related objects in the model.

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