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Publish Ribbon

The Publish ribbon groups together all the tools for publishing, documenting and importing and exporting valuable model assets in a wide range of formats and styles. The publishing system provides a great deal of flexibility and outputs and inputs can be tailored to exactly what an audience requires. This includes the flexible Documentation engine with its in-built and user defined templates and styles that can produce high quality corporate publications directly from the model. Elements and diagrams can be imported and exported including exchanging information with spreadsheet tools and saving to reusable Patterns and assets.




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The 'Documentation' panel groups together a set of tools used to extract information from the model in a variety of useful formats, ranging from publications for corporate audiences to spreadsheets, XML schemas, Patterns, Reusable Assets and much more. The model is the repository of valuable organizational information and knowledge, and people who don't access the model directly can still get access to this knowledge through this panel of tools. There are several documentation formats including docx, pdf and HTML, and schemas can be extracted for information exchange between divisions or separate organizations. There is also the ability to save parts of the model for reuse with the Pattern and Reusable Asset Server facilities.

Using the Documentation Panel

Model Exchange

The 'Model Exchange' Panel contains tools for controlling Packages and importing and exporting parts of the model in the XML based model exchange format XMI, and to formats that can be opened in a spreadsheet. The Reusable Asset Server (RAS) is a valuable resource for either sourcing existing model fragments or saving parts of the current model for reuse on future initiatives.

Using the Model Exchange Panel


The 'Technology' panel provides a suite of facilities for creating and/or importing technologies for use within Enterprise Architect, and for generating Profiles and Patterns from the Packages and diagrams in your model, to help in modeling recurrent themes.

Using the Technology Panel


The facilities supported by the 'Technologies' panel depend on which Technologies you have installed and which of those you have enabled (using the 'Manage' option on the 'Technology' panel of the Configure Ribbon). Some of the common Technologies you might access through this panel are described in the Using the Technologies Panel topic.

Using the Technologies Panel

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