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Using the Documentation Panel

The 'Documentation' panel groups together a set of tools used to extract information from the model in a variety of useful formats, ranging from publications for corporate audiences to spreadsheets, XML schemas, patterns, Reusable Assets and much more. The model is the repository of valuable organizational information and knowledge, and people who don't access the model directly can still get access to this knowledge through this panel of tools. There are several documentation formats including docx, pdf and HTML, and schemas can be extracted for information exchange between divisions or separate organizations. There is also the facility to save parts of the model for reuse with the Pattern and Reusable Assert Server features.

Available Facilities



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Click on this icon to access a short menu of documentation options:

  • Generate Documentation - generate a document from the content of the model; generate rtf, pdf or docx format, from built-in or customized templates
  • Open Document - open an existing document file in RTF or DOCX format, for manual editing
  • New Document - create a new document for manual editing and export as RTF or DOCX format
  • Diagram Only Report - generate an RTF report of all diagrams in the current Package, showing images only
Generate Document Reports

Document Templates

Click on this icon to manage, create and modify the templates used in generating documents in rtf, pdf or docx format.

Document Templates


Click on this icon to select from two options for publishing documents on the web:

  • Publish a document to an internal or internet website as static web pages, in standard HTML
  • Publish to Joomla! - generate an HTML document to a Joomla! database, for internet distribution
Publish Joomla! Article Web Reports

Print Diagram

Click on this icon to display a short menu of options for printing the currently-open diagram:

  • Print - print the diagram directly on the default printer
  • Preview - display an image of how the diagram will appear if it is printed
  • Setup - display the 'Print Setup' dialog to configure the default printer on which the diagram will be printed, which you would have selected on the Windows 'Control' panel
  • Print to PDF - print the diagram to a pdf file instead of to a printer - a browser displays to select the PDF file name and directory path; by de-selecting the 'Printable' option on an element on a diagram, you can omit that element and its connectors from the diagram in the PDF output

Save Image

Click on this icon to save an image of the current diagram. A small menu displays from which you can select to:

  • Save the image to file - a Browser displays in which you select where to save the file
  • Save to the Clipboard - the image is immediately saved to the Enterprise Architect clipboard
  • Generate a Diagram Only Report to file - the 'Export Diagrams to RTF Document' dialog displays, on which you specify the file location, diagram file format and certain other parameters, to capture images of all diagrams in the current Package
Diagrams Only Report


Click on this icon to display options for viewing and editing the terms defined in the Project Glossary:

  • Glossary View - display the Glossary window; lists all terms defined in the Project Glossary
  • Edit - displays the 'Glossary' dialog, which provides options to add, edit, and delete glossary terms and modify the display of terms
Project Glossary View


Click on this icon to access the project Spell Checking facilities. A short menu displays from which you can select to:

  • Spell Check Project - the 'Spell Check' dialog displays, on which you specify what model components to check
  • Spell Check Current Package - the 'Spell Check' dialog again displays, but in this context you do not have to set any parameters
  • Set the Spelling Options - configure the spell checker using the 'Spelling Options' dialog
Select Spell Checker Options Spell Checking

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