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Using the Technology Panel

The 'Technology' panel provides a suite of facilities for creating and/or importing Model Driven Generation (MDG) Technologies to extend the capabilities of Enterprise Architect, and for generating Profiles and Patterns from the Packages and diagrams in your model, to help in modeling recurrent themes.

Available Facilities



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Click on this icon to display a short menu of options for working with MDG Technologies.

  • Import MDG Technology - import an MDG Technology into the model either for your own use or for the use of all users of the model; the 'Import MDG Technology' dialog displays
  • Publish Diagram as Pattern - create a Pattern file from the currently-open diagram, using the 'Save Diagram as Pattern' dialog
  • Publish Package as Pattern - create and export a Pattern file based on the current Package, using the 'Save Pattern' dialog
  • Generate MDG Technology - open the MDG Technology Creation Wizard to guide you through the process of creating and integrating the structures and resources appropriate to an MDG Technology of your own design
Export a Profile Import MDG Technologies to Model Publish a Pattern Create MDG Technology File

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