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Deploying a Validation Script for ArcGIS Schema Models

Enterprise Architect provides a built-in feature for validating ArcGIS geodatabase schema designs, available from the menu: Extensions | ArcGIS. But you can also deploy and run your own validation script, or a modified copy of ours, as described here.

1. Install Enterprise Architect 10.0.1007 (or later)

If you already have Enterprise Architect 10.0, Build 1007 or later, you may skip this step and proceed to step 2. You can determine which edition and version you are using via Enterprise Architect's Help menu. From the main menu select: Help > About EA...

To validate an ArcGIS model, you need to run Enterprise Architect Corporate edition or higher.
If you are using an earlier version of Enterprise Architect:

  1. Download the latest trial or registered version of Enterprise Architect:

  2. Run the setup file, which will prompt you to uninstall the prior version of Enterprise Architect.

2. Deploy the model validation script

Save this file to the VBScript subfolder of your Enterprise Architect installation directory:
VBScript-ValidateArcGISModel.vbs (Right click and select "Save Link As...")

For example, on a 64-bit windows machine, the default path is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\EA\Scripts\VBScript\

3. Open an Enterprise Architect project containing an ArcGIS schema model

Double-click your EAP (Enterprise Architect Project) file that contains the ArcGIS geodatabse schema model. This will open the model in Enterprise Architect

4. Invoke the model validation script on the Workspace package

  1. Use the Project Browser in Enterprise Architect to locate the Workspace package, which has the stereotype �ArcGIS�.
    Enterprise Architect Project Browser Showing the ArcGIS Workspace Package.

  2. Invoke Enterprise Architect's Scripting window using the main menu: Tools > Scripting

  3. Run the script: Select the "Local Scripts" folder, right-click and run the script named VBScript-ValidateArcGISModel
    Enterprise Architect Scripting Window.

  4. While running, the script will log information to an output window named ArcGIS Model Validation.
    Enterprise Architect System Output window logging information during validation of an ArcGIS model.

  5. Allow the script to run to completion, uninterrupted. On completion, right-click the Output window and choose "Copy All To Clipboard"

  6. Paste the log text into a text editor and save the file.

5. Check the script's output for errors and warnings

There are two ways to investigate errors reported by the model validation script:

  1. You can expand the output window and review the errors and warnings directly. This window allows you to double-click a warning or error line that relates to an element or attribute, and have Enterprise Architect jump to that target in the Project Browser.

  2. Alternatively, you can open the text file you created in Step 4f in your favourite text editor. This will likely provide cleaner formatting of the script's output.

You can refer to the complete list of rules checked by Enterprise Architect's built-in model validation script. This list includes explanations of errors and suggested corrective actions.