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Visualize, Debug and Profile Executing Code

Part of the "Enterprise Architect in 30 minutes" tour

Enterprise Architect's Visual Execution Analyzer provides facilities to model, develop, debug, profile and manage an application from within the modeling environment.

Generated Outputs

Outputs generated by the Visual Execution Analyzer benefit the development process by:

  • Giving you a better understanding of how your system works
  • Enabling you to document system features automatically
  • Providing information on the sequence of events that lead to erroneous events or unexpected system behavior.


Analysis tools provided by the Visual Execution Analyzer can be used to:

  • Generate Sequence diagrams, recording live execution of an application or specific call stacks. Visualize how multiple instances of each class interact at run-time
  • Derive State Transition diagrams, illustrating changes in data structures
  • Dynamically build Object diagrams as you control a debug session. Selectively add objects with their run-state information and their relationships to other objects
  • Create Profiler reports, showing application sequences and operation call frequency
  • Optimize existing system resources and understand resource allocation
  • Ensure that the system is following the rules as designed
  • Produce high quality documentation that accurately reflects system behavior
  • Understand how and why systems and existing code work
  • Train new employees in the structure and function of a system
  • Identify costly or unnecessary function calls
  • Illustrate interactions, data structures and important relationships within a system
  • Trace problems to a specific line of code, system interaction or event
  • Visualize why a sequence of events is important
  • Establish the sequence of events that occur immediately prior to system failure
  • Debug .Net, C++ and Java applications, including remote debugging and support of Android physical devices and emulator using the JDWP protocol.
Debug and Profile Executing Code within Enterprise Architect
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