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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Transform Elements

A model transformation is a user initiated function that starts the process of transforming one or more Platform Independent Model (PIM) elements into their corresponding Platform Specific Model (PSM) elements. This process takes place in accordance with the rules that have been codified in the Transformation Templates. The transformation can be initiated by selecting a Package in the Project Browser or an element in a diagram.



Design > Tools > Transform > Transform Selection

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+H (transform selected elements)

Ctrl+Shift+H (transform selected Package)

Perform a Transformation



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Lists all of the individual elements selected in the diagram or held in the Package. Either:

  • Click on an element to include just that element in the transformation
  • Hold Ctrl and click on several separate elements to include them in the transformation, or
  • Hold Shift and click on the first and last elements in a block to include those elements in the transformation


Click on this button to select all of the elements in the list to include them in the transformation.


Click on this button to deselect all of the elements in the list.

Include child packages

(If you have selected to transform elements in a Package.)

Select this checkbox to include (in the 'Elements' list and potentially in the transformation) elements from the child Packages of the selected Package.


Select the checkbox against each type of transformation to perform. When you select a checkbox, the 'Browse Project' dialog displays; locate and select the target Package into which to generate the transformed elements.

If you want to change a selected target Package, click on the Browse. button to the right of the Package name and select the new Package from the dialog.

Generate Code on result

Select this checkbox to specify whether or not to automatically generate code for transformed Classes that target code languages.

If you select this option, the first time you transform to the Class the system prompts you to select a filename to generate code into; subsequent transformations automatically generate code to that filename.

Perform Transformations on result

Select the checkbox to automatically execute transformations previously done on the target Class or Classes.

Chaining Transformations

Intermediary File

If you want to capture the intermediary language file (for example, to debug it), either type in the file path and name or click on the Browse. button and locate and select the file.

Write Always

Select this checkbox to always write the intermediary file to disk.

Intermediary Language Intermediary Language Debugging

Write Now

Click on this button to generate the intermediary file without performing the full transformation.

Do Transform

Click on this button to execute the transformation.

When the transformation is complete, the 'Model Transformation' dialog closes.


Click on this button to close the 'Model Transformation' dialog without performing the transformation.


  • When the dialog displays, all elements are selected and all transformations previously performed from any of these Classes are checked
  • This procedure does not apply to the Sequence diagram/Communication diagram transformation, or the Communication diagram/Sequence diagram transformation

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