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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Drop Package From Project Browser

You can drag a Package element from the Project Browser and drop it onto the current diagram, to show a representation of the Package in one of several formats. You select the format from a short context menu. This is a useful feature to help organize the display, reporting and documentation of models.



Drag existing Package(s) from the Project Browser onto the diagram

Select Drop options



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Package element

Select this option to generate a Package element on the diagram, containing a list of the Package contents. In this illustration, note the child Actor and Use Case icons.

Showing two packages that have been dragged onto a diagram in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

You can hide the contents of the element if necessary. See the Show or Hide Package Contents Help topic. The diagram element is a simple link to the Package in the Project Browser; any changes to the Package are reflected in all diagrams in which it is shown.


Report Specification linked to package

Select this option to generate a Report Specification Artifact element linked to the Package, which immediately opens to the 'Generate Documentation' dialog on which you enter the parameters for generating the report. Thereafter, you can simply double-click on the element and click on the Generate button to generate the same report on the Package, whenever necessary. The report can be read as a Linked Document on the element.

Showing a report specification element.

Generate Documentation Generate Report to an Artifact Element

Graph based on Package contents

Select this option to create a Standard Chart Artifact. The Standard Chart 'Properties' dialog displays at the 'Chart Detail's pages, on which you can configure the generation of a Pie Chart or Bar Chart to graphically represent an aspect of the Package content.

Showing a standard chart element.

Chart Elements

Matrix profile

Select this option to create a Matrix Specification Artifact. The 'Matrix Specification' dialog displays.

Create Matrix Profile

Package as List

Drop the Package as a Model View chart element that lists the elements within the Package and shows the type (by icon), name, Scope, Status and Author of each element.

Define a Model View Chart

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