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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Data Miner

The Data Miner provides a comprehensive means of extracting data from a range of external data sources including: databases (ODBC, ADO, OLEDB, JET), text files (XML, JSON, plain text), Excel (xls, CSV), and online files or URLs.

The goal is to create a reproducible import process defined in a model format. This consists of:

  • Data configuration process to hold the complex data connections and information
  • Combined with the ability to run Javascript over the data set

This feature is available in the Unified and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect, from Release 15.0.


The Perspective for the Data Miner is: Perspectives > Management > Data Miner.

The Data Miner diagram and several model patterns can be accessed through the Model Wizard, while a number of model templates, model elements and connectors specific to the Data Miner facility can be accessed from the Diagram Toolbox.

Data Miner Model

The Data Miner Model allows you to define three core element types:

Element Type


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A DMConnection element is used to define a connection to an external data source. Any number of DMConnections can be defined.

Data Sources


A DMSet provides the link between the connection and the script that processes the data. It can define a query that will be applied on the connection for connection types that require it. For example, an ODBC DMConnection will require a DMSet that specifies an SQL Statement in the Query custom property, where a File DMConnection does not require the DMSet Query to be used.

When performing data mining using SQL expressions (via ODBC or from an EA repository), you can visualize the retrieved data in a grid view, by right clicking on the DMSet element, and selecting 'Open Data Miner Visualizer'. This will display the returned data in a table form.

Data Miner Set Data Miner Visualizer


A DMScript element can be used to process the raw data returned from a DMSet. It can contain one or more Javascript scripts to process the retrieved data using the Automation Interface.

Data Miner Scripts

Multiple connections

A full Data Miner is defined by a DMConnection connected to a DMSet, optionally connected to a DMScripts. The mining capability can be extended in numerous ways:

  • Multiple DMSet elements can query the same DMConnection
  • Each DMSet can be connected to multiple DMConnection elements
  • Each DMScripts can process multiple DMSet elements
  • Each DMScripts element can have multiple scripts to be run on the data


  • The Data Miner is available in the Unified and Ultimate editions

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