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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Element Property Displays

Enterprise Architect provides a number of ways to define, assign and review the properties and features of elements, each offering different facilities more suited to one aspect or another of model development.

User interface screens for accessing element properties


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Properties dialog - the element 'Properties' dialog defines both the general properties of an element such as its name, phase, version and status, and properties specific to the element type such as Table columns, Activity behaviors and Chart format.

Properties Dialog

Element Properties Window - this window displays the general properties of the currently-selected element in a single view. You can dock the window within the Enterprise Architect workspace or have it free-floating within or outside the workspace.

Properties Window for Elements

Element tab of the Browser window - the 'Element' tab presents all of the existing add-on properties of an element in a folder structure, through which you can create further property objects, operate on them, and delete them.

Using the Element Tab of the Browser

Responsibilities window - this window provides a convenient method of quickly adding, viewing, editing and deleting rules applied to an element. The window shows details of the requirements, constraints, scenarios and files that impose such rules or restrictions on the element.


'Select <Item>' dialog - This dialog is a multi-purpose browser and search tool for locating model items such as Classifier elements, properties, attributes and behaviors. The '<Item>' in the dialog title changes to represent the type of object the original operation is working on.

Select Dialog