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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Generate a Report

You can generate a rich text format (RTF) file of your model's glossary, which you can either print or attach to any other appropriate document file.

The file can contain all glossary entries, or just those of selected Types.



Publish > Dictionary > Glossary > Edit : Report

Generate an RTF report of the Project Glossary



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In the 'Filename' field, type or select a filename for the glossary.


In the 'Heading' field, type a suitable heading for the glossary.


In the 'Include Glossary Items' panel, select the checkbox for each Type of glossary entry to include.

To select all types of entry, click on the Select All button.

The Glossary Dialog


If necessary, to define the page setup for the report, click on the Page Setup button and complete the 'Page Setup' dialog.


If you want to substitute certain system-defined words for others that might be more meaningful to your readers, or print the whole report in another language, click on the Language button and define your output on the 'Customize RTF Language' dialog.

Custom Language Settings


To include page breaks, select the 'Page break between sections' checkbox.


Click on the Generate button to generate the report.


Click on the View button to open the report.

Glossary Report Output Sample