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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Sharing File Based Projects

Enterprise Architect offers a diverse range of functionality designed specifically for sharing projects in team-based and distributed development environments, through network deployment of model repositories, DBMS based repositories, Cloud based models, replication and XMI Import/Export.




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Network Deployment

Network deployment is possible under three different schemas:

  • File based repositories
  • DBMS server based repositories, or
  • Cloud based deployment (recommended)

DBMS server based repositories offer better:

  • Response times than files on networks, due to the inherent structure of the DBMS
  • Solutions when networking problems are encountered, as they have the ability to backtrack transactions caused by external breakdowns
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Replication enables data interchange between .EAP based repositories and is suitable for where many different users work independently in parallel development.

Modelers merge their changes into a Design Master only as required; it is recommended that a backup is carried out prior to replication.

Replication cannot be performed on repositories stored on a DBMS server.


XMI Import and Export

XMI Import/Export can be used to export and share discrete Packages between developers; XMI enables the export of Packages into XML files that can then be imported into any model.

Package control can be used to set up Packages for Version Control and to enable batch export of Packages using XMI; Version Control enables a repository to be maintained by a third-party source code control application that is used to control access and record revisions.

XMI Import and Export Version Control Controlled Packages


  • DBMS Repository support is available with the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect

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