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Content Area

The main content area of WebEA consists of:

  • The Main View in the center, used for displaying such things as diagrams and element properties
  • Optionally, the Browser on the left, used to assist in navigating the model
  • Optionally, the Properties View on the right, which allows you to view properties of an element while simultaneously viewing something else (such as a diagram) in the Main View




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Main View

The Main View typically displays these types of content:

  • A diagram image
  • The properties of an element
  • A list of objects that are contained in a specific Package (or objects that are children of a specific element); this object list is only accessible when the 'Browser' is not displayed (as the 'Browser' functions as an alternative)
Main View - Diagram Main View - Object Properties Main View - Object List


The Browser assists with navigation, and provides context for the object that is currently displayed in the Main View

WebEA - Browser

Properties View

The Properties View displays properties of a selected object. When viewing a diagram, it allows you to view some properties of an element without navigating away from the diagram.

WebEA - Properties View

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