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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Process Simulation

Business Process Simulations provide a powerful way of bringing your Business Process diagrams to life. Viewing Business Process diagrams is a convenient way to visualize how a Business Process works, and by manually following the Sequence flows between Activities and Tasks and the intervening Gateways, the flow can be understood in the context of different scenarios. Simulations, however, can bring your diagrams to life and allow detailed analysis and what-if analysis to determine through-puts, bottle-necks, processing time and much more. You can create walk-throughs with multi-disciplinary teams and analyze and visualize process outcomes.   There are two mechanism for Simulation available in the tool:

  • BPMN Standard Process Simulation
  • BPSIM Process Simulation

BPMN Standard Process Simulation

This type of Simulation requires no set up and can be run for any well-formed Business Process diagram, including when sub-Activities have been defined. The Simulation will do a depth-first traversal, following the Sequence Flows through the depth of the process hierarchy. It is useful as a presentation tool in workshops and can be used for process walk-throughs.

BPSIM Process Simulation

Using this powerful Simulation tool you can create full Simulation of your models and perform sophisticated analysis of how the processes will perform in practice. The tool does require set-up by a technician before it can be run, but this is a straight forward task and within a short time you can be performing what-if analysis, measuring through-puts and doing Monte Carlo analysis.