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Modeling with CMMN

The MDG Technology for CMMN is built in to the Enterprise Architect installer. A key component of the technology is the UML Profile for CMMN with its custom CMMN diagram and a toolbox that you can use to create expressive and compliant case management models.


Click on the 'Perspective'  icon (top right corner of the display) and select Perspective > Analysis > CMMN; ; the Model Wizard displays.

Select either the:

  • 'Model Patterns' tab and one of the Patterns to add a template CMMN model to the selected Package, or
  • The 'Diagram' tab and select 'CMMN > CMMN' to add an empty CMMN diagram to the selected Package; the CMMN page displays in the Diagram Toolbox


Design > Diagram > Toolbox