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XSD Models

XML Schema Definition (XSD), also known as XML Schema, is a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML technology that is used to specify the rules to which an XML document must adhere. XSD support is critical for the development of a complete Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and the coupling of UML 2.5 and XML provides the natural mechanism for specifying, constructing and deploying XML-based SOA artifacts within an organization.

The UML Profile for XSD specifies a set of stereotypes, Tagged Values and constraints that can be applied to the UML model in order to change specific aspects of the resulting schema. Enterprise Architect provides native support for the XSD Profile through the XML Schema page of the Diagram Toolbox. The XSD Profile supported by Enterprise Architect is an adaptation of the profile defined in the publication Modeling XML Applications with UML.

Working with the XSD Profile through Enterprise Architect, you can rapidly model, forward engineer and reverse engineer XML Schema.

You can also quickly define and generate XSD and other schema using the Enterprise Architect Schema Composer.

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