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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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From a Package

Your model contains a great deal of information on both project design and project management, and a major benefit of the Chart feature is providing the facility to capture, summarize and present that information from:

  • A specific Package in the model
  • A number of specific Packages in the Model
  • Across the whole model, and
  • From external models, both local and via network and Cloud connections

You can also select to include information from just a Package itself, or from the Package and all its child Packages.

If you want to further refine the data to omit certain quantities or highlight others, you can apply element filters to the data from the selected Packages.


Select a Chart element on a diagram or in the Browser window, then use any of the methods outlined here to open the Chart element's 'Properties' dialog.

On the Chart element's 'Properties' dialog, click on the 'Source' tab, then on the 'Package' child tab.


Design > Element > Editors > Properties Dialog > Source > Package

Context Menu

Right-click on element | Properties | Source| Package

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+Enter | Source | Package


Double-click on element | Source| Package

Specify Source Packages



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Defaults to the current model as the source of the data for this Chart. If the data is held in a different model, click on the Browse. button and select the appropriate menu option to:

  • Open a .eap or .feap model in a local directory, through a file browser
  • Open a model on a DBMS through the 'Connection Wizard'; the Windows 'Data Link Connection' dialog displays
  • Open a model through the Cloud connection; the 'Cloud Connection' dialog displays
  • Open a model through a connection string; a prompt displays for you to enter the string

If you want to return to the current model as the data source, select the 'Current Model' menu option.

Server Based Repositories Cloud Based Repositories File Based Projects


If you have selected a different model or project to open, this field shows the connection path for that model.


Click on this button and select either:

  • Add Package to identify a specific Package from which to extract the information - the 'Select a Toolbox Profile Package' dialog displays, from which you select the Package, or
  • Search Model to extract the information from the whole model; the text 'Model' in the Source list confirms your selection

You can click on the Add button a number of times, to add several specific Packages to the Source list.

Select dialog


Click on a Package name in the Source list and click on this button to remove the Package as a source of data for the Chart.

Include Child Packages

Select this checkbox against a Package in the Source list to extract information from its child Packages.

Clear the checkbox to ignore any child Packages when extracting information from the parent Package.


Click on this button to scan the specified Packages, close the dialog and generate the Chart.


Click on this button to abort the changes and close the dialog.

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