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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Using the Profile Helpers

MDG Technologies and Profiles are developed using diagrams and elements within Enterprise Architect. These diagrams and elements use specific attributes and properties that determine the content and behavior of the resulting MDG Technology. Profile Helpers assist in creating new MDG Technologies, and these Profile types:

  • Stereotype Profiles
  • Toolbox Profiles and
  • Diagram Profiles

The Profile Helpers consist of two components:

  • MDG Technology Builder templates in the Model Wizard, which provide a starting point for creating a new MDG Technology
  • Profile Helper items in the 'Profile' Toolbox, which provide dialogs that simplify the creation of Stereotype, Toolbox and Diagram Profiles


Select a Package under which to add the MDG Technology Builder templates, then display the Model Wizard window using one of the methods outlined here.


Design > Model > Add > Model Wizard > Model Patterns

Context Menu

Right-click on Package | Add a Model using Wizard | Model Patterns

Keyboard Shortcuts



Browser window caption bar menu | New Model from Pattern | Model Patterns

Create a new MDG Technology



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In the Model Wizard, click on the  '... Perspective' drop-down arrow and select 'Management | MDG Technology Builder'.

In the 'MDG Technology Builder' group select the 'Basic Template' Pattern.

Click on the Create Pattern(s) button. A prompt displays for the Technology name.

Model Wizard


Enter a name for your new MDG Technology, and click on the OK button.

This will create a basic template of Packages and example elements, which can be used as a starting point for creating an MDG Technology. The template includes three Packages, each having the same name as the technology but a different stereotype corresponding to the type of Profile they define:

  • <<profile>> - Package for defining a Profile containing the Stereotypes users will apply to elements
  • <<diagram profile>> - Package for a Profile describing the diagram types users will create
  • <<toolbox profile>> - Package for a Profile describing the elements to show in a toolbox


Within each Package, open the diagram and, referring to the sample elements provided, add additional items to the Profile.

The Profile Toolbox contains a page of Profile Helper icons that, when dragged onto the diagram, help you create and populate the elements of the various Profiles.

Create Stereotype Profiles using Profile Helpers Create Diagram Profiles using the Profile Helpers Create Toolbox Profiles using the Profile Helpers


Save each of these Profiles to disk.

Export a Profile


Incorporate the saved Profiles into an MDG Technology.

Create MDG Technology File

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