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Enterprise Architect the Modeling Tool

Enterprise Architect is both a Model Repository and a Collaboration Platform, making it an effecitve tool for Model Based Systems Engineering projects. It enables team members - including project sponsors, engineering managers, customers and engineers - to collaborate on projects in a rigorous and productive environment. Using WebEA and Prolaborate, the collaboration can continue on mobile devices such as mobile 'phones, Tablets and Notebooks.

In the information and innovation age, a tool is required to do a lot more than store information or allow users to view diagrams and models. Enterprise Architect has taken up this challenge and propelled its Systems Engineering offering to another level, with tools such as the:

  • Scenario Builder, which automatically creates Activity diagrams from Use Case steps, and generates Test Cases from Scenarios; for more information see the Scenario Builder Help topic
Showing a structured scenario for a UML Activity diagram.
  • Executable StateMachines, which allow programming code to be automatically generated from StateMachines; for more information see the Executable StateMachines Help topic
The executable state machine Turbine example from Enterprise Architect's example model
  • Parametric Simulations using OpenModelica or Simulink, bringing models to life and allowing complex and often intractable problems to be visualized and analyzed to support trade-off analysis and engineering investigations; for more information see the Simulation Help topic

In this example the relationships between the factors controlling a fluid flowing between two tanks are defined:

The models can then be simulated using the advanced OpenModelica simulation features.