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Example SysML Model

The System Modeling Language (SysML), as with any language, has to be learned. We are not lucky enough to have grown up hearing our parents speak the language at home, but a number of readers might already be familiar with the language for any number of reasons including:

  • It has been used by colleagues or partners in projects
  • It has been taught as part of a University course
  • You have attended training or read or viewed documentation
  • You have taken 6 weeks off work and read the specification from cover to cover

If the last one is true you will probably have a deep knowledge of the language but might be in need of some recreational leave as it is a fairly dense document and you will have needed to dip your toes into the Unified Modeling Language specification as well. It is more likely that a larger number of readers will have little or no exposure to the language, and this first example is intended to give you a quick and high level view of what can be expected when working in Enterprise Architect to model a Model Based Systems Engineering Project using the SysML. It is based on the example of a hybrid vehicle that appears in the Sample Problem Annex in the specification