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Systems Modeling Language Overview

Model Based System Engineering heralds a new era of communication and real time model collaboration. It brings with it the concept of the model as a machine rather than a cabinet full of documents. A machine that can do work such as validate requirements, generate parametric simulations of complex mathematics and physics equations, bring to life executable StateMachines and simulate business and decision logic, evolve in response to reviews, and create documentation, to list a few. These benefits are realized by the power of Enterprise Architect and because a standard and shared language is used to create the models - the Systems Modeling Language, commonly abbreviated to just SysML.

SysML allows both humans and machines to understand the models - the humans adding ingenuity, engineering and design and the machines performing the tedious and error-prone tasks such as validation, doing the heavy lifting such as generating parametric simulations and performing what-If analysis, and carrying out the more mundane tasks such as searching and report generation.

The acquisition of a language is not something that happens for free, but it is something that can happen without pain or frustration and without what some skeptics call a 'flair for languages'. Enterprise Architect will also be a friend that will assist you in learning the language by providing many in-tool devices to assist with the learning, and a rich and replete library of model patterns that will help you get started, ensuring you are creating industry best-practice models.

When you begin your journey with Enterprise Architect you immediately and effortlessly become part of an extensive international community of users and practitioners, who work with the tool day-in day-out to specify, design, implement and support system engineering models that are used to solve real world problems. Many of these problems and opportunities are complex and often seemingly intractable, but can be worked through by the collaboration of modelers applying the SysML to express and solve problems.

Enterprise Architect seamlessly facilitates this collaboration with its rich desktop and Cloud platforms that help to ensure the models are both robust and expressive, and the result of not just one but any number of engineers and other stakeholders, working together no matter what natural language they speak, what device they are using or where they are located in the world.