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Visualizing with Simulations

Through the centuries, humans have expanded their knowledge of the world through the study of mathematics and physics and the application of systems of thought and equations to real world problems. Using this knowledge we have built motor cars and aircraft, sent humans to the moon, split the atom and solved innumerable other complex problems. This knowledge, in times of antiquity, was transmitted by word of mouth, clay tablets and papyrus scrolls and later scribes' laboriously created books. Then, with the advent of the printing press the knowledge was written down in the form of articles, journals and books and disseminated widely. Four hundred years would pass before the Internet arrived and much of the existing knowledge would be transferred to online material in the form of documents, pages and sites dedicated to these disciplines - making it available to a vast number of people in all corners of the globe. Now a new era has arrived where the knowledge can be used to construct models that allow us to visualize these equations in motion and in context, with parametrics specific to our domain and the problems we are trying to understand and solve.