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Template Fragments

Within a document template you can include one or more sub-templates, or Template Fragments. Using Template Fragments, you can include in your document reports information extracted from the model using SQL Queries and Model Scripts, providing a greater level of customization of the document output. You can also use a Template Selector Fragment to call other Template Fragments depending on which type of element is being reported on. It is possible to reuse the same Template Fragment in several different templates, so you can develop a library of common Template Fragments that can be used to build larger, more complex document reports.

A Template Fragment is created through the same process as a normal, full-document template. Each Template Fragment can have its own document options applied, such as filtering and sorting.

You can also use, copy and edit a number of system-provided Template Fragments, which you can access from the Document Publishing > System Templates > Fragments folder in the 'Resources' tab of the Browser window.

Template Fragments - Process Overview



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Create the Template Fragments to be included in your template.

Creating a Template Fragment


Create a normal, full-document template that is to include your Template Fragments.

Design Custom Document Templates


Within this full-document template add references to your Template Fragments in the appropriate locations.

Adding Fragments to a Document Template


  • You cannot generate documentation directly from a Fragment; to use a Fragment it must be included in a template

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