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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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OpenModelica Integration

OpenModelica is a free and open-source environment based on the Modelica modeling language for modeling, simulating, optimizing and analyzing complex dynamic systems. Enterprise Architect is integrated with OpenModelica, and supports its use under the SysPhS Standard (SysML Extension for Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Simulation) for defining constants and variables within the SysML Blocks rather than in the Simulation configuration. This provides a simpler model-based method for defining and sharing simulations.

You can also display the SysML Block diagrams from your models in Enterprise Architect in the OpenModelica Connection Editor, OMEdit, which displays the Blocks' aliases and notes.

You can create Blocks on the fly using the new SysPhS patterns ready to be simulated in OpenModelica, referencing existing OpenModelica library Blocks or custom user-defined Blocks. With the latest OpenModelica code generation you can view your SysML components in compatible OpenModelica clients such as OMEdit, as well as simulate plots.

For details on installing OpenModelica and connecting Enterprise Architect to it, see the Help topic for the platform where Enterprise Architect is installed.

Using OpenModelica is an alternative to using MATLAB Simulink to perform simulation of Parametric models in Enterprise Architect. You configure your models in either case using the SysPhS Standard, which defines how to translate between a SysML model and either an OpenModelica model or a Simulink/Simscape model.

This is an example of components defined using SysPhS-specific SysML Parts:

The components are as shown in this OpenModelica diagram generated from the SysPhS model:




See also


If Enterprise Architect is installed on a Windows platform, see the OpenModelica on Windows Help Topic.

OpenModelica on Windows


If Enterprise Architect is installed on a Linux platform, see the OpenModelica on Linux Help Topic.

OpenModelica on Linux


Using OpenModelica Library

Details on referencing resources available in the OpenModelica Libraries.

Model Analysis using Datasets

Using the Simulation configuration, a Block can be set to have multiple datasets defined against it. This allows for repeatable simulation variations using the same SysML model.

Troubleshooting Simulation

This topic describes possible problems that can arise when using OpenModelica (or MATLAB Simulink) for simulation.

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