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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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The ArchiMate Framework

ArchiMate is both a language and a framework, making it a profoundly useful paradigm for both descriptive and prescriptive representations of the architecture of an enterprise or its divisions. Combining language and framework allows enterprise architects and others to create an articulated model that unites the business, application, and technology architectures. These layers are, in turn, subdivided into aspects that cut across the language grammar from active and passive structure to behavior and motivation. The models can be embellished or supplemented with other framework content such as reusable content libraries, standards, governance logs, and more.

The Archimate Framework is expressed in a metamodel that defines these layers and concepts. The core framework defines three layers and three aspects and these are extended in the Full Framework with two additional layers and a  and one more aspect. This allows the architect to model motivation, strategy, implementation and migration artifacts.

Enterprise Architect supports both the ArchiMate language and the Core Framework storing elements and their relationships in a robust and flexible repository that can be devised, visualized, queried, and viewed with a formidable suite of tools. Industry best practice models, diagrams, and viewpoints are available in a set of model patterns that you can use to inject pre-built content into your architectures. Descriptive text accompanies each pattern and details how to use the pattern, including tools, ideas, and next steps.