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Shape Scripts

The elements and connectors you initially use in modeling conform to the standard UML notation in terms of shape, color and labeling. You can, however, extend the standard objects to create new ones, and customize the appearance of these new objects using Shape Scripts to define the exact feature you want to impose on the default - or main - shape. You create a Shape Script in a dedicated scripting language, to define the new shape, orientation, color and labeling of the element or connector. Each script is associated with a stereotype, and every element or connector that has that stereotype will adopt the appearance defined by the Shape Script.

If you want to standardize the appearance, to apply to many elements, you can attach the Shape Script to an attribute of a Stereotype element in an MDG Technology Stereotype Profile.

If you have applied Shape Scripts to certain elements and/or connectors but do not want to show those Shape Scripts on a particular diagram, you can turn off the display of Shape Scripts on that diagram using the 'Properties' dialog for the diagram.

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