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The Zachman Framework Toolbox

The Zachman Framework pages of the Diagram Toolbox provide elements and relationships for all the Zachman Framework diagrams that the MDG Technology supports. The Zachman Framework Toolbox pages can be accessed by clicking on Search and specifying 'Zachman' in the 'Find Toolbox Item' dialog. The Diagram Toolbox can be docked on either side of the diagram, or free floated on top of the diagram to expose more surface for editing.

Diagrams for Toolboxes

This table shows, for each Zachman Framework cell, the diagram that could be used.

Zachman Cell


See also

Planner - Data

Business Data

Business Data Page

Planner - Function

Business Process

Business Process Pages

Planner - Location

Business Locations

Business Location Page

Planner - People

Organization Chart

Organization Chart Pages

Planner - Timing

Business Events

Business Events Pages

Planner - Motivation

Business Motivation

Business Motivation Pages

Owner - Data

Data Map and

Process Map (Generated by Add-In)

Data Map Pages

Owner - Function

Process Analysis

Analysis Toolbox

Owner - Location

Business Logistics

Business Logistics Pages

Owner - People


BPMN Pages

Owner - Timing

Event Schedule

Event Schedule Pages

Owner - Motivation

Enterprise Architect Mind Mapping diagram and

Strategy Map

Mind Mapping Strategy Map Pages

Designer - Data


Class Toolbox

Designer – Function


Analysis Toolbox

Designer - Location

Data Distribution Architecture

Data Distribution Architecture Pages

Designer - People

Use Case

Use Case Toolbox

Designer - Timing

State Transition

State Toolbox

Designer - Motivation

Business Rule Model

Business Rule Model Pages

Builder - Data

Physical Data Model

Data Modeling Toolbox

Builder - Function

Class and


Class Toolbox Component Toolbox

Builder - Location


Deployment Toolbox

Builder - People

User Interface

User Interface Toolbox

Builder - Timing

Communication and


Communication Toolbox Interaction Toolbox

Builder - Motivation

Rule Design

Rule Design Pages

Subcontractor - Data

Data Definition; default toolbox for the diagram is Custom.

Custom Toolbox

Subcontractor – Function

No diagram defined – Code generation is done in this cell.

Subcontractor - Location

Network Architecture

Network Architecture Pages

Subcontractor - People

Security Architecture

Class Toolbox

Subcontractor - Timing


Timing Toolbox

Subcontractor - Motivation

Rule Specification

Rule Specification Pages