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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Version Control Product Setup

To control and maintain the different revisions of your project Packages, Enterprise Architect uses third-party Version Control products. Once your Version Control product is installed and a suitable environment has been created, Enterprise Architect can use that environment to control your project's Packages.

Typically, Version Control products consist of:

  • A server component
  • A client component

Enterprise Architect integrates with the Version Control client components for Subversion, CVS and MS Team Foundation Server command line clients, as well as for products having API clients that comply with the MS SCCI specification.

Version Control System Components



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Version Control Server

The server component maintains the controlled files in their many revisions, in a central repository.

The server component is usually located on a server machine that is accessible to all team members who are using Version Control.

Server Configuration

The steps for configuring a Version Control server are, broadly:

  • Install the software
  • Create a repository
  • Create Version Control projects (or modules or folders for use with specific projects)
  • Configure user IDs and passwords

For details on configuring any particular Version Control server, consult the appropriate documentation provided with the Version Control product.

Version Control Client

The client component manages the working copies of the controlled files, submitting files to or retrieving files from the server as required.

A Version Control client must be installed on every machine on which you run Enterprise Architect and want to access your Version Control system.

Client Configuration

The steps for configuring a Version Control client are, broadly:

  • Install the software
  • Create a new directory for use as a local working copy folder
  • Log in to the Version Control server
  • Associate the working copy folder with its corresponding server repository folder

For details on setting up a product-specific Version Control environment for use with Enterprise Architect, click on the appropriate link in the next column.

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