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Application Layer Elements

Table of Application Layer Elements

Application Component

An application component represents an encapsulation of application functionality aligned to implementation structure, which is modular and replaceable.

Application Collaboration

An application collaboration represents an aggregate of two or more application internal active structure elements that work together to perform collective application behavior.

Application Interface

An application interface represents a point of access where application services are made available to a user, another application component, or a node.

Application Function

An application function represents automated behavior that can be performed by an application component.

Application Interaction

An application interaction represents a unit of collective application behavior performed by (a collaboration of) two or more application components.

Application Process

An application process represents a sequence of application behaviors that achieves a specific result.

Application Event

An application event represents an application state change.

Application Service

An application service represents an explicitly defined exposed application behavior.

Data Object

A data object represents data structured for automated processing.