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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Information Flow

UML Information Flow between two class elements.


An Information Flow represents the flow of Information Items (either Information Item elements or classifiers) between two elements in any diagram. The connector is available from:

  • The 'Common' page of the Toolbox
  • Every Quick Link menu, and
  • Automatically whilst directly defining Information Item realization

When you create the Information Flow connector, Enterprise Architect automatically prompts you to identify which information items are conveyed.

You can have more than one Information Flow connector between the same two elements, identifying which items flow between the elements under differing conditions. The connector can flow in one direction:

UML Deployment diagram showing the information flow between two Node elements being realized by a Communication Path.

They can also be defined to flow in opposite directions:

For more details see the Using Information Flows Help topic.

You can locate the items conveyed in any Information Flow, by right-clicking on the connector and selecting the 'Find Items Conveyed' option.

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Information Flow connector

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OMG UML Specification:

The OMG Unified Modeling Language specification, (v2.5.1, p.669) states:

InformationFlows describe circulation of information through a system in a general manner. They do not specify the nature of the information, mechanisms by which it is conveyed, sequences of exchange, or any control conditions. During more detailed modeling, representation and realization links may be added to specify which model elements implement an InformationFlow and to show how information is conveyed.

The OMG Unified Modeling Language specification, (v2.5.1, p.670) also states:

InformationItems represent many kinds of information that can flow from sources to targets in very abstract ways. They represent the kinds of information that may move within a system, but do not elaborate details of the transferred information. Details of transferred information are the province of other Classifiers that may ultimately define InformationItems.