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Technology Layer Elements

Example 31: Technology Behavior Elements

Technology Elements


A node represents a computational or physical resource that hosts, manipulates, or interacts with other computational or physical resources.


A device represents a physical IT resource upon which system software and artifacts can be stored or deployed for execution.

System Software

System software represents software that provides or contributes to an environment for storing, executing, and using software or data deployed within it.

Technology Collaboration

A technology collaboration represents an aggregate of two or more technology internal active structure elements that work together to perform collective technology behavior.

Technology Interface

A technology interface represents a point of access where technology services offered by a node can be accessed.


A path represents a link between two or more nodes, through which these nodes can exchange data, energy, or material.

Communication Network

A communication network represents a set of structures that connects nodes for transmission, routing, and reception of data.

Technology Function

A technology function represents a collection of technology behavior that can be performed by a node.

Technology Process

A technology process represents a sequence of technology behaviors that achieves a specific result.

Technology Interaction

A technology interaction represents a unit of collective technology behavior performed by (a collaboration of) two or more nodes.

Technology Event

A technology event represents a technology state change.

Technology Service

A technology service represents an explicitly defined exposed technology behavior.


An artifact represents a piece of data that is used or produced in a software development process, or by deployment and operation of an IT system.