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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Configure WebEA models - via Web Browser

After copying the WebEA files from the Pro Cloud Installation to your website, you can configure WebEA via a web browser.

Using the web browser, enter the URL for  WebEA's login page and, at the end of the URL, append '?config' after 'login.php'.

For example:

  • http://{yourwebserver}/login.php?config   or
  • http://{yourwebserver}/webea/login.php?config

The value '{yourwebserver}' is either the name or the IP number of the machine hosting the WebEA website.

This should display the 'WebEA Configuration' page, which includes a list of the WebEA connections that are currently defined in the webea_config.ini file.

WebEA Configuration

The 'WebEA Configuration' model list provides these fields.



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Model #

This field displays the model number for this WebEA model configuration. The model number is used in hyperlinks to specific elements within this model.

If necessary the model number can be changed by using the 'Change Model Number' button in this dialog; however, typically this should not be necessary. Changing the model number could cause existing hyperlinks in the model to stop working as expected, therefore take care when using this option.


The display name for the WebEA Model connection. This appears in the WebEA login page, and in the WebEA header after opening the model.


The 'Actions' column contains a number of buttons for modifying the model connection.

  • Edit - Allows you to edit/configure the options for this WebEA model connection
  • Rename - Allows you to change the WebEA display name
  • Copy - Creates a duplicate of this WebEA model connection; the duplicate will be added to the list of models with the name: {original name} - Copy
  • Delete - Delete this WebEA model connection


The 'Move' column contains options for moving the model connection.

  • Move Up - Move the model connection up one position in the list
  • Move Down - Move the model connection down one position in the list
  • Move to... - Move the model connection to a specific location in the list

Add a Model

The final list item is the option to add a new model connection. When selecting this option you will be prompted to enter the connection name or WebEA display name.

After you enter the name, the page to edit the Model Connection settings is displayed.

Saving the WebEA configuration

Changes made via the 'WebEA Configuration' page (including changes when editing a specific model connection) are not saved automatically.

To save changes, click on the Save button at the bottom of the 'WebEA Configuration' page.

Note, the Save button is only enabled when there are unsaved changes.

Creating a backup of the webea_config.ini file

The Create Backup button at the bottom of the 'WebEA Configuration' page will create a backup of the current webea_config.ini file.

Backups are created with the name:


Note: A backup cannot be created while there are unsaved changes (if necessary click on the Save button, then on the Create Backup button).