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Example: Simulation in HTML with JavaScript

We already know that users can model an Executable StateMachine and simulate it in Enterprise Architect with the generated code. Using the two examples CD Player and the Regular Expression Parser, we will now demonstrate how you can integrate the generated code with your real projects.

Enterprise Architect provides two different mechanisms for client code to use a StateMachine:

  • Active State Based - the client can query the current active state, then 'switch' the logic based on the query result
  • Runtime Variable Based - the client does not act on the current active state, but does act on the runtime value of the variables defined in the Class containing the StateMachine

In the CD Player example, there are very few states and many buttons on the GUI, so it is quite easy to implement the example based on the Active State Mechanism; we will also query the runtime value for the current track.

HTML Example of Executable Statemachine in Enterprise Architect

In the Regular Expression Parser example the StateMachine handles everything, and a member variable bMatch changes its runtime value when states change. The client does not register how many states are there or which state is currently active.

HTML Example of Executable Statemachine in Enterprise Architect

In these topics, we demonstrate how to model, simulate and integrate a CD Player and a Parser for a specified Regular Expression, step by step: