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Code Miner Queries

Code Miner queries are best considered as functions written in the Code Miner NBNF Query Language (mFQL). As such, they have unique names, can be grouped by namespace and can take one or more parameters. Queries are bundled together into one source file. This source file is identified to Enterprise Architect by naming it in your Analyzer Script.
When specified, the queries it contains are available in the Code Miner control. Parameters to these queries can be taken from selected text in a code editor, the model context or typed directly into the search field of the control.
This feature is available from Enterprise Architect Release 14.1.
Examples of the mFQL intellisense query language
This image illustrates an mFQL query from the Sparx Queries file distributed with Enterprise Architect installations. The syntax for composing an mFQL query and the mFQL language itself is described here.

Query Syntax

The syntax for composing mFQL queries is:

query:name([ $param1 [, $param2 ]])


  • namespace names the collection of queries

  • name is the 'function' name of the query

  • $param1 and $param2 are placeholders for argument substitutions at runtime

  • mfql-expression is an mFQL expression

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