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National Information Exchange Modeling (NIEM)

National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) provides a common framework that is used to define how information can be shared between systems, government agencies and organizations. Enterprise Architect's NIEM UML Profile helps you to:

  • Create and develop UML-based Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) models, by providing starter models, model Patterns and a number of Toolbox pages for creating IEPD models and schema models
  • Generate complete IEPDs from your IEPD model
  • Generate NIEM conformant schemas from your information models
  • Import NIEM Reference Schema into your model
  • Create NIEM subset namespaces, composed from elements of the NIEM Reference Schemas
  • Create PIM, PSM and Model Package Description (MPD) diagrams, using the NIEM Toolbox pages

This illustration shows the NIEM 5.0 starter model, a Pattern provided as a part of NIEM in Enterprise Architect. (See the Creating a NIEM IEPD Help topic.)

NIEM Support

These slides illustrate some of the features of NIEM support in Enterprise Architect