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MDG Technology SDK

Enterprise Architect is a multi-featured tool with hundreds of built in features and support for a wide range of modeling standards ready to use out of the box.  It also provides a range of helpful extension mechanisms. The Enterprise Architect Software Development Kit (SDK) contains the mechanisms for extending the core UML to support the modeling of a particular domain, platform or method. Enterprise Architect and other partner organizations provide commercially available Model Driven Generation (MDG) Technologies, but anyone is free to use the SDK to create a new Profile and to distribute it as an MDG Technology. For example, you might work in the field of safety engineering and use specific constructs to model your domain and the methods that are used. You could, for example, use Enterprise Architect to create new elements to represent a failure event, a failure mode and any other domain specific entities. Once the profile is complete it could be bundled into an MDG Technology and then used locally within your organization or distributed to the entire industry.


  • In developing your technologies, you need to be familiar with the modeling structures and concepts of the core system and extension mechanisms as they impact and are used by the people you are designing the technology for; that is, the system as described in the modeling sections of this User Guide

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